Excellent school. My daughter has been attending for the past two and a half years… her last day will be next week. When initially looking for a preschool, I didn’t recognize what good things that would come from a values-based program. We’re a spiritual if not religious family, and the Christian teaching has been an unexpected great support in so many ways.

The overall program and academics have also been so far above expectation, and the faculty very well qualified. And the Chinese language program has been a very good underpinning for further study. Everything they’ve done is always well organized and on-target. While the majority of children are of Chinese decent, the experience has offered an interesting mix of cultures, which has had a good impact on my daughter, giving her an expanded understanding of ethnicity, holidays, foods, languages…  I can’t say much in a review but to echo the other reviewers — it’s a superb preschool.


Jill B.