During each morning drop off, my husband and I think to ourselves…”Thank our lucky stars….our kids have Starlight…”.

My older son, who is a graduate of Starlight Two on the Sunset side, was extremely prepared for the rigors of the elementary school ciriculum.
My younger son is currently in his last year here and I have no doubt he will do well in kindergarten.

Very importantly, both of my children learned so much more than just academics – they strive for honesty, kindness and empathy.  They have confidence in themselves and exhibit strong leadership.  I almost feel like I hit the preschool lotto and won the ‘whole package’!

My older son says “It’s a great school!”
My younger son says “It’s (Starlight Two) good for your brain!”

I love the staff, who are very kind and nurturing.  What is very trademark about Starlight is that they take every opportunity for a ‘teaching moment’ with the kids – whether it was because of a disagreement, where feelings were hurt or where kids are just being kids.  There are other alumni parents who have said that they wanted to go back to Starlight after their kids started elementary…because they missed it so much.

In a nutshell:  Great preschool –  enroll early.


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