We are truly thankful for what Starlight 2 did with my son, who has been to the Vicente campus for the past 2.5 years.  He has grown so much through out these years – academically and personal development!  He learns manner from Ms Jeannie.  He loves to come home and teach me new songs or new dance moves he learn from school.  Lately, he started drawing cartoons and tried little “prepared to be amazed” magic, which I thank Mr. Michael for that.  My boy also made many good friends, both from his own age group and from the younger classes.  We are so sad that his little brother won’t be able to go to the same school, since we have to move to the east bay.  I pray to God that he will again lead us to another preschool that is as genuine as starlight 2 in Pleasanton. We will sure miss every teacher from this school!


Circle C.