We’re not Christian, Can We Still Enroll?
The answer is a resounding yes! While we strive to bring our students closer to Christ, Attendance shall not be restricted by reason of religious, racial, or national background.


Is Food Included in the Tuition Cost?
Yes. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks in between are all included with your childs tuition. All our food is made fresh on site daily by our dedicated staff.


Can My Child Bring His or Her Favorite Toy(s) to School?
No. As a Starlight, we would like to try to give as few distractions as possible to our students. Toys brought in that end up lost, broken, mixed up with other toys, or played with by other children can serve as major distractions for the classroom. Furthermore, there are plenty of educational toys already available at Starlight!


Can I Pack Food for My Kids?
Generally, we encourage the children to eat the food provided by our school. We keep careful track of specific allergens that affect our at risk students, and would prefer that outside food (such as a packed lunch) is not brought in on a daily basis. Special exceptions are made of course if your child has special dietary needs. Please do not let your child bring candy or candy to share.


Bring in Food to Celebrate His or Her Birthday?
In regards to birthdays, If you would like to bring in food such as a cake or cupcakes, we host our birthday celebrations on the second Monday of every month to keep disruptions from our curriculum at a minimum. Please bring food that contains no nuts for the children with allergic reactions. Goody bags for the children in your child’s class is fine as long as they do not contain candy.


When Can We Pick Our Children Up From School?
You can pickup your child anytime from our facilities. We appreciate any notifications you can give us of changes in your pickup or drop-off schedule. A $1 fee is charged for every minute past 6 pm if a child is picked up after our hours of operation.